Varsity Ski & Snowboard · Athletes Perform Well at State Ski & Snowboard Championships

Local athletes performed well at the State High School Ski & Snowboard Championships at Mt. La Crosse over the long weekend. Despite the cold temperatures, the athletes burned down the hill. 

Results for top finishers are below. Of note, snowboarders Kacy Eckhart (Central/Logan) and Cooper Callaway (AOWS) made All State in their respective events.  



Boys Ski finishers in the top 50: (149 in attendance)

Combined (all three events) individual results:

Erik Moore 25th

Stefan Kovacs 30th

Charlie Ruprecht 31st

Caleb Bennet 46th

Lars Gundersen 50th

Boy Slalom:

Eric Moore 17th

Charlie Ruprecht 31st

Caleb Bennett 48th

Boys GS:

Stefan Kovacs 17th

Lars Gundersen 30th

Erik Moore 41st

Charlie Ruprecht 46th

Boys Super G:

Stefan Kovac 33rd

Charlie Ruprecht 46th (tie)

Erik Moore 46th (tie)

Lars Gundersen 50th 


Girls Ski finishers in the top 50 (141 in attendance)

Elsa Benson placed 18th overall with a 3rd in Slalom, 30th in GS and 31st in Super G



Boys board finishers in the top half (56 in attendance)

Boys Slalom:

Cooper Callaway 1st (all state in SL)

Ryan Boone 11th

Parker Lorentz 12th

Boys GS:

Cooper Callaway 3rd (all state in GS)

Parker Lorentz 15th

Ryan Boone 20th

Chase Podurgiel 22nd 

Luke Koch 24th

Boys BX:

Chase Podurgiel 12th

Parker Lorentz 19th


Girls board finishers in the top half (38 in attendance):

Girls Slalom: 

Kacy Eckhardt 3rd (All state in SL)

Santanna Carranza 16th

Girls GS:

Kacy Eckhardt 2nd (All state in GS)

Brooklyn Waldner 8th

Girls BX:

Brooklyn Waldner 16th